Whether you are a start-up looking for investment, or an investor looking for attractive opportunities, Next Level Business’ Angel List is the perfect place for you.

NLB Angel List

What is Next Level Business’ Angel List?

Gone are the days when the only source of finance for businesses was the local bank manager. Alternative finance both equity and debt has exploded in the UK, over 254,000 fundraising events took place with over 1.09m people investing in 2015.

To enable our clients (whether investor or investee) to meet their financial goals, Next Level Business brings you Angel List.

Angel List looks to facilitate a ‘connection’ between an investor and investee.

How does it work?

The Angel List service is different as it is wholly facilitated by Next Level Business.

It provides discerning investors with attractive opportunities which are usually off market and unadvertised.

And, it provides fundraising opportunities for investees looking to grow quickly through external investment.

What are the rules?

First Rule: You do not talk about Angel List

Second Rule: Refer only like minded individuals if appropriate and use judgement with the first rule

Third Rule: Someone yells stop, goes limp, taps out, the investment discussion is over

Fourth Rule: Only two parties to an investment, the investor and the investee

The Investor

Investors already have, or looking to complete, investment within other businesses, and as part of the Angel List will receive investment opportunities that are in line with the investors preferences. Want to be highly involved, you’ll receive investment opportunities that are open to that. Want to be a silent partner, same again. The Angel List delivers the investments based on your individual criteria.

Reasons to join –

  • Subscription to Angel List is without charge to the investor
  • Once subscribed you will receive periodic, discrete and confidential correspondence relating to investment opportunities
  • Investment opportunities in most cases will be limited in number and amount, therefore we will carefully ‘match’ based on the information you provide about investment preferences
  • Investment preferences will be understood on subscription to the Angel List with regard to; involvement once invested, value available to invest, risk & reward profile, number of investments targeted, etc.
  • You can be removed from Angel List at any point, there is no commitment.
  • There is no commitment to invest once subscribed to Angel List
  • On subscription, each investor will receive a unique Angel Identifier number (it’s not 007 but close) that will be used within an anonymous online profile.
  • No group emails, no spam, no confidential details will be shared without permission

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If you want to join, hit the button and fill in our application form. For more information, call 03450 308900 or send us an email to angel@nextlevelbusiness.co.uk.

The Investee

Investees are organisations looking to receive external investment in exchange for equity to help fund growth, product development, and commercial success. The Next Level Business Angel List can provide guidance and support to those businesses that are looking for investment through, pitch development, investor matchmaking, and transaction processing.

Reasons to join –

  • Subscription to Angel List is without charge up until the point of investment (no win, no fee)
  • Next Level Business can support investment preparation activities with our in-house expertise
  • Only two parties involved in each investment, the investor and the investee
  • As clients of Next Level Business, we can understand your long term goals, analyse performance and devise the best investment proposal for you
  • No group emails, no spam, no confidential details will be shared without permission

Ready to see what the Next Level Business Angel List can do for your business?

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If you want more information, hit the button and send us an email (angel@nextlevelbusiness.co.uk), or call 03450 308900 for more information.

Terms and conditions apply.


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