Being able to access the right type of business finance at the right time allows your business to invest, grow and succeed.

Make your business finance strategy work harder for your business

Make your business finance strategy work harder for your business.

Next Level Business, as an ICAEW Chartered Accountancy firm and an ICAEW Business Finance Advisor, can support you in your financing needs.

There are two types of finance, Equity & Debt. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but it is the blend of these finance options together that can really add value to your business.

A good understanding of the options available is an essential starting point and will enable you to select the type of finance that is right for your circumstances and plans.

To successfully finance your business objectives there is a requirement to complete preliminary preparation work. To be ‘investment ready’ whether looking for equity finance or debt finance is an important aspect of business finance.

The Finance Journey

We have put together a Finance Journey to help you work through the business financing process successfully.

Work your way along our interactive path. You will find additional information in the pop-out boxes.

Click to see a larger version of the Finance Journey


Business Finance Options

As we have established, there are 2 types of business finance, equity and debt. There are different types of finance within each category dependent on the current stage of your business.


What Next?

We’ve given you the business finance journey so you are now one step closer to achieving the optimal finance structure for your business to achieve its goals.

You’ve learnt what business finance options are available to you dependent on what stage your business is at. We suggest you look to learn more on the specific finance options available within debt and equity.





If you need any advice or support during your business finance journey, we’re available to talk.

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